10th edition of the NECCI Public Relations Roundtable. EQ (Emotional Intelligence), the New IQ for Effective Public Relations

Theme: EQ (Emotional Intelligence), the New IQ for Effective Public Relations

Zen Gardens

(former Jade  Chinese Restaurant)

60, Isaac John Street



Lagos, Nigeria.

Date: Friday, 23rd of November, 2012
Time: 12 Noon Prompt
Lead Discussants:

Chizor Malize, CEO, Brabdzone Consulting LLC

Claudine Moore, CM Media, New York, USA

Fee: =N=16,500.00





Dear Professional Colleagues

We invite you to attend or send nominations to the 10th NECCI PR Roundtable which will be holding on Friday, 23 November 2012 at the Zen Gardens (former Jade Chinese Restaurant) GRA Ikeja, Lagos

The theme for this edition is “EQ (Emotional Intelligence), the New IQ for Effective Public Relations”. EQ is a type of social awareness that helps you determine which opportunities to take, what things to say, and what decisions you probably should or should not make. Simply put, it’s the ability to be attuned to the people around us — to consider their emotions, and our own, as we make decisions and navigate through our organizations. Our EQ is our measure of that emotional intelligence. Sara Fletcher, a writer at Talent Smart and leading provider of emotional intelligence, describes it as a "gut feeling".


There are four core areas to EQ. This edition will critically look into these core areas and see how a PR executive can exploit it to his/her advantage.


This skill is especially important for public relations professionals, whose entire livelihood depends on relationship management. They must be able to connect with a wide variety of individuals, ranging from media members to customers. A high level of relationship management will allow them to keep track of different connections as well as maintain the image of their company. Emotional intelligence is more than just understanding emotions – it also determines one’s actions regarding those emotions.

“There are many PR professionals who are highly skilled at what they do, but not many have high emotional quotients,” says Dennis Spring, president of New York-based PR recruiting firm Spring Associates, Inc.  “Whatever your business is, you’re surrounded by people, and somehow we’ve gotten away from that.  We have to remember that PR is not about social media, it’s about people, and how we all fit, integrate, and react.”


Developing and using EQ can be challenging for PR professionals. Here’s why:

Intense scrutiny and increased pressure to measure results. PR activity is under scrutiny, with management demanding quicker, more compelling measurement of results. Jamison says. “It’s harder to be steady when the fundamental value of what you do is under question.”

External focus at the expense of internal focus.  Kowal Kenyon notes, “Sometimes it can become so exhausting to treat clients and customers well that it becomes more OK to treat everyone else badly.”




To lead the discussion on this very interesting and contemporary discussion is Chizor Malize, CEO, Brabdzone Consulting LLC supported by Claudine Moore, CM Media, New York, USA, who will be speaking on Skype.

This edition is specifically designed for CEOs, Brand Communication Managers, PROs, Brand Managers, Relationship Managers, Customer Service Managers, Sales Managers and all personnel in leadership positions.


Fees: N16,500.00


NECCI Public Relations Roundtable,in its 10th edition has become a focal point where Public Relations executives especially perception and brand managers meet to evaluate brand essence and even provide invaluable feedbacks on products. This platform has in the past served as a platform for effective product sampling. We are proud to say from our feedbacks that discussions from this forum have had great and positive impact on the development of PR practice. In addition, it is meeting the training needs of practitioners who for lack of time hardly go for long courses as well as provide capacity building for the “untrained” so called PR executives that we have in most companies today. This way the NECCI PR Roundtable is ensuring excellence and professionalism in the public relations practice.


Recently the roundtable was nominated for an award in the NIPR Golden Eagle Awards in the Best Contributions to the PR Education in Nigeria category. The roundtable is a one-day programme held every quarter.


Event Date & Time: 
Fri, 11/23/2012 - 12:00 - 15:00